How do I apply for a Seller account?
Simply fill in the Apply To Sell form and we will contact you directly.

What can I sell on Dotcomartisan?
We are focused on supplying Food products and Food themed products ie that are related to food. Related products fall into two groups, those that are associated with being used with food in a kitchen or dining experience and those that are food inspired. For example if a customer likes strawberries we would offer strawberry jam but would also be happy to offer strawberry cups & saucers or a strawberry scented candle. We are always open to new product ideas providing they fit with our current offering, are original, handmade or produced in small batches and are Made in the British Isles. Items that include adult themed logos or designs, will not be permitted for sale.

Do I need a website or existing e-commerce business?
No, that isn’t necessary your products are set up and sold on your brand page on the website.

Who sets up the photos of the products on my brand page?
We advise you on the best way to photograph and display your products prior to your pages going live. Top start with we help you upload them onto your brand page via the Account management system. If you need help with photography we can arrange for your products to be shot by our specialist food photographer. There is a fee for this service.

Who sets the pricing structures?
Ultimately this is up to each individual seller but the prices on our selling page must not be set higher than your normal retail price.

Does Dotcomartisan hold items in the stock?
No, the stock is held by the Seller who updates the selling pages with stock availability.

Who delivers the orders?
The delivery of the product is totally down to the Seller .Delivery rates, time frames and choice of postal or courier services are determined by the seller, however they must fall within our guidelines to ensure fair pricing.  

Do we have to offer free delivery?
No, but we do encourage it. Free Delivery makes your product more attractive to Buyers & setting a level where delivery is free increases your average basket price.

How do I keep track of my orders?
You can access your product pages and manage your content 24/7 using the Account Management Tool.

Do I need to send you any sample products?
We make sure our products are of a consistent high quality so we do ask to approve products. Non-perishable items can be returned to the Seller on request. We will promoting and featuring products in our marketing activity so the more “hands on” and familiar we are with  your products, the more we ca enthuse about them

How much does it cost to sell with you?
We are about making a difference not just making money, so we have kept our costs realistic and lower than the large eCommerce sites. We do not charge any product listing fees, we do have a small membership fee and we have different levels of commission, depending on how you would like to sell with us. Once we receive your Application we will go through the available options with you to find what suits you best.

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