Selling With Us

What we look for in a Dotcomartisan seller.

  • Our sellers are all talented artisans who make by hand or use small batch production.
  • We are committed to supporting British production so all the products we sell must be Made within the British Isles.
  • To maximise sales, presentation is key, so our sellers will need to supply good quality photos and brand imagery (we do provide a guide and can assist with photography).
  • Our business will work hard driving your business, so we need ambitious sellers who can supply high quality products, who can service direct to customer sales and who want to work with us to grow their business.
  • We do hand pick our makers to ensure that our site maintains a good standard of product & design, that way  all of our sellers know  they are in the best company with other talented like-minded makers.
  • We are very eco conscious so we do love to hear from makers who use natural, sustainable, organic products or who have good ethical & ecological practices.       

The Benefits of Selling with Us.

  • We are a cost effective targeted marketplace that offers an easy way of increasing your visibility & expanding your sales reach.
  • As a “one stop shop” for the best British food gifting and handmade produce, we make it easy for customers to find and buy your products, rather than having to visit lots of individual seller sites.
  • We have a simple to use e-commerce system that takes care of your online sales and administration …... leaving you more time to  focus on what you love and do best: designing and making beautifully crafted products.
  • With decades of retail buying experience, we know how to spot best-selling products. We work direct with each seller to make sure we maximise your presence and bring your best products to market.
  • We also have years of industry experience designing & developing products and if required we will work with you, on a one to one basis, to help innovate your brand and identify growth opportunities.
  • We invest heavily in social media & online marketing which increases online presence and ensures our Sellers products reach a wider national audience. We spend the time & money so you don’t have to.
  • We don’t ask our customers to pay a charge to join a subscription service or become a member of a club, as we believe that’s just not right. We love our customers and we know they will keep returning, so we will never try to push any sales gimmicks on them!

How the Marketplace works

  • There are 4 easy steps to selling with Dotcomartisan.
  • You list your products on the site using our easy online Account Manager.
  • We drive customers to our website and market your products on our pages.
  • People buy your products through the Dotcomartisan checkout.
  • Our management systems sends the order to you,
  • You deliver the products to the customer.
  • We transfer funds to your account.

Got any further questions? Then please see our FAQ section.

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