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Halloween can be great fun time for children and families. But for pets, it can be a complete nightmare. Follow these 10 easy tips keep your pets safe, healthy and out of any scary trouble this Halloween.


1. Trick-or-treat sweets are not for pets.

Make sure all are out of reach for your pet .All forms of chocolate -- especially baking or dark chocolate -- can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs and cats Consumption of even small amounts can cause seizures, muscle tremors and vomiting while larger doses can be fatal. Stick to his own treats and he'll be just as happy. Sweet wrappers, lollipops & sticks also pose a threat as they can cause choking or create an obstruction. Stick to his own treats and he'll be just as happy.


2. Don't leave pets outside on Halloween.

Its seems obvious but don’t leave pets outside on Halloween. Fireworks are often set off and this causes stress and anxiety to pets. It’s safer to keep your pets inside as they may fall prey to vicious pranksters who have been known to tease ,injure, steal and even harm pets on Halloween. Black cats are especially at risk from pranks or other cruelty – related incidents so try to keep them indoors several days before Halloween.

3. Keep pets confined and away from the door.

With your door bell being rung or door constantly knocked on Halloween, your pet can easily become anxious and frightened. Seeing strangers dressed in strange clothes and masks and yelling loudly can be very scary. Dogs are especially territorial and may become anxious and growl at innocent trick-or-treaters. Putting your dog or cat in a secure room away from the front door will also prevent them from darting outside into the Remember, if you walk your dog around the neighbourhood while children are trick-or-treating, be sure to use a sturdy collar, or harness and lead, and be careful around unfamiliar children and adults. 

4. Identification please!

·        Halloween is a night when no one wants to be searching for a lost pet. If your dog or cat should escape and become lost, having the proper identification will increase the chances that they will be returned. Just make sure the information is up-to-date, even if your pet does have an embedded microchip. Be sure your dog is wearing identification tags with your name and phone number on them in case you become separated from your dog or he escapes from the house.


5. Be careful with Halloween Decorations and Fire Hazards

If you like to decorate your home in the Halloween spirit, take into consideration what you're putting on display and where the decorations are placed. Make sure they cannot be eaten or knocked over, potentially leading to choking, foreign body ingestion, electrical shock and even burns and a household fire. Should pets get too close to lit pumpkins, they run the risk of burning themselves or knocking it over and causing a fire.

6. Don't dress your pet in a costume unless you know they'll love it.

If you do decide that Fido or Kitty needs a costume, make sure it is safe. Only use  non-flammable and non-toxic items that your dog is comfortable in and that don't restrict his movement, breathing or vision. If they seem distressed, allergic, or show abnormal behaviour, consider letting them go in their “birthday suit”. 

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween !

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