Homecured Bacon is Best !

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A few days ago we were so excited when this fantastic parcel from Marsh Pig arrived on our doorstep. How great that we get to Homecure of our own bacon ready for Christmas Festivities.


When you open the box you get a lot ; 3 Curing sachets , 1 Pancetta sachet, 4 large strong resealable bags, Thick professional gloves (not those cheap ones you find in some kits), a Butchers Hook (now you feel like a real pro) & Muslin.

It was a tough choice but out of the 4 options; Original Cure, Sweet, Smokey or Pancetta, we decided to go Smokey.

Carefully following the easy to use instructions, we weighed our lovely Organic Pork and as it was a whopping 800g we used the whole Smokey cure packet.


Gloves on we did as told & gently massaged the pork, making sure the cure got into all the nooks & crannies. The instructions say "Don't be too rough, flip it over & finish off". Well, needless to say we had a little laugh at this point! All part of the Fun.

Then it was into the bag, squeezing the air out before we sealed it. Hey Presto, ready for the fridge.


Now we have to give it some TLC for the next few weeks & when Christmas arrives we will have the most wonderful Hand Cured Smoked Bacon. Thank you Marsh Pig. 

Want to have a go yourself or know someone who would love this as a present then click here.

Happy Curing x

Last update: Nov 23, 2015

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