Small is the New Big

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Well we have been very fortunate so far to meet some wonderful people who are extremely good at what they do and is has been the most exciting part of DCA. Their passion & creativity has driven us to create an online marketplace platform allowing others access to all the fantastic products that we have discovered in various locations around the UK.

For those of you with your nose to the grind 9-5 you often miss the chance to get to see these brands but that’s our job to bring them directly to you online.

We are really looking forward to opening up opportunities for all our Sellers and connecting them with an appreciative audience (that’s you by the way!). They are people, just like you and me who believe in what they do. They haven’t created their brand to try to be the next Richard Branson (he’s top of our list for inspiring small businesses though!) instead they have built a business as a result of a passion, an interest, a talent, or a hobby!

We were not motivated by money when we planned this site, we aren’t aiming to compete with the Big Beasts like Amazon or Etsy. What drove us was the love of finding unique and individual products that were created by our home grown Artisans. The business is created to drive new opportunities and help the smaller businesses out there get some wings. That is the plan! Small is the New Big.

Small is the New Big

What we are is adaptable and over the last 6 months this has been a necessity. We are like a lot of our Artisans busy being parents, juggling the demands of family life, along with building a new venture. It has taken longer than originally planned in launching the site, building a new a marketplace is not at all simple and as we develop so will the site.

We’re very excited about the future and really hope you will enjoy our site .It’s the beginning so if you enjoy the site please do let us know & if you think we could do anything better then drop us a line !

Last update: Oct 26, 2015


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